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Fresno Unemployment Rate Rises, But Better Than a Year Ago

Fresno County continues to enjoy the fruits of the strong U.S. economy under President Donald Trump, according to the latest figures released by the state of California. However, Fresno County's unemployment rate, at 7.6% for June, remains well above the na...
Photo of passport, green card and American money

A Primer on the Economic Benefits of Immigration

President Trump ascended to the American presidency on campaign promises that focused on stopping illegal immigration. Like his two immediate predecessors, Barack Obama and George W. Bush, he adopted hard-line immigration policies. It just so happens that T...
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Record Low US Birth Rate Is Ticking ‘Time Bomb’

Perhaps you've heard that Americans aren't having as many babies as they did in the past. In fact, the U.S. birth rate dropped to an all-time low in 2017. American women gave birth to 3.85 million infants in...
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