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More Women Are Drinking Themselves Sick. The Biden Administration Is Concerned.

When Karla Adkins looked in the rearview mirror of her car one morning nearly 10 years ago, she noticed the whites of her eyes had turned ye...

/ 2 months ago

America’s Health System Isn’t Ready for the Surge of Seniors With Disabilities

The number of older adults with disabilities — difficulty with walking, seeing, hearing, memory, cognition, or performing daily tasks such a...

/ 4 months ago

Cancer Patients Face Frightening Delays in Treatment Approvals

Marine Corps veteran Ron Winters clearly recalls his doctor’s sobering assessment of his bladder cancer diagnosis in August 2022. Lauren S...

/ 5 months ago

Dodging the Medicare Enrollment Deadline Can Be Costly

Angela M. Du Bois, a retired software tester in Durham, North Carolina, wasn’t looking to replace her UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage pl...

/ 6 months ago

Uncle Sam Wants You … to Help Stop Insurers’ Bogus Medicare Advantage Sales Tactics

After an unprecedented crackdown on misleading advertising claims by insurers selling private Medicare Advantage and drug plans, the Biden a...

/ 6 months ago

Medicare Advantage Increasingly Popular With Seniors — But Not Hospitals and Doctors

A hospital system in Georgia. Two medical groups in San Diego. Another in Louisville, Kentucky, and nearly one-third of Nebraska hospitals. ...

/ 6 months ago

As DeSantis and Newsom Go Mano a Mano, Healthcare Is Front and Center

Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis and Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom — political rivals from opposite coasts and proxies for red ...

/ 6 months ago

Catholic Hospital Group Tries to Use Abortion Protest Law to Oust Stubborn Patients

A Catholic hospital system is suing several California patients and their advocates because the patients allegedly refused to be discharged....

/ 7 months ago

Storing Guns Away From Home Could Reduce Suicides, but Legal Hurdles Loom

HELENA, Mont. — Mike Hossfeld unlocked a heavy black steel door to his home’s gun safe, unveiling both modern and antique firearms, some dat...

/ 7 months ago

Mentioning Suicide in Obituaries Can Help Loved Ones Grieve

When Deborah and Warren Blum’s 16-year-old died by suicide in November 2021, they went into shock. For two days, the grief-stricken Los Ange...

/ 9 months ago

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1 hour ago

Power Outages Could Linger for Days After Storms Batter Texas Again, Leaving 1 Dead

1 hour ago

49ers Sign WR Jauan Jennings to Extension Through 2025 Season

1 hour ago

The US-Built Pier in Gaza Broke Apart. Here’s How We Got Here and What Might Be Next

1 hour ago

Massachusetts Fugitive ‘Bad Breath Rapist’ Captured in California After 16 Years

1 hour ago

Police Dismantle Pro-Palestinian Camp at Wayne State University in Detroit

1 hour ago

Honored Nurse Fired After Calling Gaza Conflict ‘Genocide’