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Opinion: You Don’t Need a Ph.D. to Understand Climate Change, Just an Insurance Policy

You don’t need to be a scientist to understand the harms of climate change. All you need is an insurance policy. And finding affordable insu...

/ 1 week ago

‘Boss’ Trump Should Go to Prison: Opinion

The day after Donald Trump was convicted of 34 felonies, he stood before a camera and repeated a litany of lies. Lies we have all heard a mu...

/ 2 weeks ago

Take This Memorial Day Quiz Before Warming up the Grill

Memorial Day weekend marks America’s unofficial kickoff of summer. Get an early start on your vacation with this quick, fun quiz. J. Mark ...

/ 1 month ago

Opinion: Likelihood of Trump Seeing the Inside of a Cell Is Increasing

In 2021, former French president Nicolas Sarkozy was convicted of trying to bribe a magistrate and sentenced to three years in prison. Forme...

/ 1 month ago

How the Beatles Empowered a Research Genius to Save Millions of Lives

Every so often, a genuine genius comes along, a person who makes an incredible impact on human history. J. Mark Powell O...

/ 1 month ago

Opinion: Mexico’s Trade Violations Threaten US Farms

For the first time, the United States has become dependent on other countries for food. Even though U.S. farms continue to produce cereals a...

/ 6 months ago

How Much Do You Know About Thanksgiving? Take Quiz and Find Out

Thanksgiving is marked by tradition. And yet the way we celebrate has changed over the past century. What’s different today from 100 years a...

/ 7 months ago

Big Brother Wants To Limit What Goes in Family Shopping Carts

Should the government decide what goes in your shopping cart? Timothy Lee Opinion Surprisingly, some in Congress want to empower governme...

/ 7 months ago

Thanksgiving 2023: Never Have So Many Had Reason to Be Thankful for So Much  

With the world seemingly teetering between democracy and authoritarianism, you might feel overshadowed by gloom this Thanksgiving. Llewell...

/ 7 months ago

Opinion: Hispanic Voters Unhappy With Direction of US, Biden Economy

President Joe Biden has a Latino problem. Jose Mallea Opinion That’s a takeaway from a new poll that The LIBRE Institute recently publish...

/ 8 months ago

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1 hour ago

Music Record Labels Sue AI Song-Generators Suno and Udio for Copyright Infringement

1 hour ago

California’s Self-Inflicted Fiscal Crisis Produces a Budget Full of Gimmicks and Favors

2 hours ago

Israel’s Use of White Phosphorus in Lebanon Endangers Civilians, HRW Reports

2 hours ago

AWOL Councilmembers Latest Twist in Polarized Parlier Politics

3 hours ago

The Urgent Need to Blow Off Swing Voters

3 hours ago

Today’s Teenagers Have Invented a Language That Captures the World Perfectly