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Dean Kirkland,
Executive Producer

Dean Kirkland has been shaping stories in the film and documentary world for over 25 years. His journey through the industry began in the creative hubs of Los Angeles and Orange County, and he's recently made the move to the Central Valley, bringing his wealth of experience and a keen eye for storytelling with him.

Throughout his career, Dean has taken on roles that span the spectrum of production, from directing and editing to writing. This hands-on experience has given him a unique perspective on how to bring a story to life, whether it's for the big screen, a documentary project, or a television production. Dean's work is characterized by a straightforward commitment to telling stories that matter, using his skills to engage and inform audiences.

Now in the Central Valley, Dean is looking to continue his work, focusing on projects that challenge and excite him. His move represents not just a change of scenery but a new chapter in a career that has always been about exploring new possibilities and pushing the boundaries of traditional storytelling. Dean Kirkland is a seasoned professional, ready to make his mark in a new setting and bring his distinctive approach to film and documentary production to a wider audience.

Stories by Dean Kirkland

A Half-Century of Roaring Passion: Cobras, Shelby Mustangs & The People Who Love Them

COSTA MESA —The Cobra Owners Club of America-Orange County just threw a party that made Woodstock look like a quiet evening at home. Celebra...

/ 4 days ago

Mexican Cartel Drug Bust

Major Mexican Cartel Drug Ring Busted by Valley Agents

Phillip A. Talbert, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of California, announced the dismantling of a major drug trafficking organiza...

/ 1 week ago

1978 Le Mans: 3 Americans in France

As the Flag Drops at Le Mans, Remembering the 3 Americans Who Won in 1978

OK, let’s set the way-back machine to 1978. The disco ball was still spinning, Star Wars was blowing our minds, and in the quiet town of Sar...

/ 2 weeks ago

Jimmy Clark/Parnelli Jones 1964 Lotus/Ford No. 6 Indy Car

Jimmy Clark and Parnelli Jones Both Drove This Amazing Lotus Ford Indy Car

The 1964 Lotus Ford Type 34 is a car that didn’t just race, it waltzed onto the track with the grace of Fred Astaire and the power of a thun...

/ 2 weeks ago

The Johnny LIghtning No. 2 Indy 500 Winning Car

Fans Remember Parnelli Jones as a Risk-Taking Driver. He Was a Winning Indy Car Owner, Too.

This week, we lost Parnelli Jones at the age of 90. A friend, mentor, and giant in the world of racing, Parnelli’s impact on my career...

/ 3 weeks ago

World's Coolest Garages: Super Secret Fresno Torino/Mustang Collection

Cobra Jet Torinos, Boss Mustangs Pack the Muscle in This Super Secret Fresno Ford Collection

In a quiet corner of Fresno, there’s a shop that would make any car enthusiast’s heart skip a beat. You might call it the “...

/ 3 weeks ago

World's Coolest Garages: Exploring Luis Chanes' Ultimate Ford Collection

World’s Coolest Garages: Exploring Luis Chanes’ Ultimate Ford Collection

In the collector car world, there are memorabilia collectors, and then there’s Luis Chanes. There are people who love Fords, and then ...

/ 3 weeks ago

Fresno County Fruit Trail: Rewards You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Ladies and gentlemen, start your taste buds! The 21st Annual Fresno County Fruit Trail has officially kicked off, and it’s more exciti...

/ 1 month ago

Central Octane: Parnelli Jones and the 1960 Watston Roadster Willard Battery Special

Get Ready for the Indy 500 With This Look at Parnelli Jones, JC Agajanian & the Willard Battery Special

If the 1960 Watson Roadster were a rock star, it would be the Mick Jagger of race cars — charismatic, daring, and absolutely unforgettable. ...

/ 1 month ago

Classic Chevelle Old Town Motorama 24 Clovis California

The Rumble in the Valley: Old Town Clovis Motorama

The fourth annual Old Town Motorama has officially come and gone, leaving behind a trail of burnt rubber, gleaming chrome, and enough memori...

/ 1 month ago

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