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Which Last-Minute Bond Measures Will Make California’s November Ballot?

The most recent measure to let the state borrow billions barely passed in March. In a poll out this month, nearly two-thirds of Californians...

/ 4 hours ago

Why Every California Student Should Have Access to ‘Gifted’ Classes

Academic success is as much dependent on how students feel about themselves as the letter grades that fill their transcripts. In fact, the t...

/ 24 hours ago

Who Are the Winners and Losers in California’s Budget Deal?

With Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Democratic-led Legislature coming to a budget agreement on Saturday, some winners and losers of the spending ...

/ 1 day ago

A DA Kept Black Women Off a Jury. California’s Supreme Court Says That Wasn’t Racial Bias

One by one, a California prosecutor eliminated five out of six Black women from the jury pool for a death penalty case in which a white carp...

/ 3 days ago

Still Need Your Landline? California Just Stopped AT&T from Pulling the Plug

California’s Public Utilities Commission this week rejected AT&T’s application to stop providing landlines and other services in areas w...

/ 4 days ago

This Giant Freshwater Fish — North America’s Largest — Gains California Protection

Killed by algae blooms and dwindling from dams and droughts, the largest freshwater fish in North America is at risk in California. Today, w...

/ 5 days ago

California Lawmakers Fast-Track Restaurant Exemption to Hidden Fees Law

Legislation that would make it easier for restaurants to set food prices without including add-on fees is being whipped through the Capitol ...

/ 6 days ago

High-Stakes Deal-Making Continues Behind the Scenes on CA Budget and Ballot

It’s possible that the final big deals on both the state budget and November ballot measures could be hammered out on the same day next week...

/ 6 days ago

California Business & Labor Hammer Out a Deal on Workplace Violation Lawsuits

For years, California businesses have tried to repeal a unique state labor law that allows workers to sue their bosses over alleged workplac...

/ 1 week ago

Gavin Newsom and the Legislature Far Apart on College Spending as Budget Deadline Nears

Within the next week and change, Democrats who control the Legislature and fellow Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom will need to reconcile their co...

/ 1 week ago

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51 mins ago

Music Record Labels Sue AI Song-Generators Suno and Udio for Copyright Infringement

56 mins ago

California’s Self-Inflicted Fiscal Crisis Produces a Budget Full of Gimmicks and Favors

2 hours ago

Israel’s Use of White Phosphorus in Lebanon Endangers Civilians, HRW Reports

2 hours ago

AWOL Councilmembers Latest Twist in Polarized Parlier Politics

2 hours ago

The Urgent Need to Blow Off Swing Voters

3 hours ago

Today’s Teenagers Have Invented a Language That Captures the World Perfectly