Congressman TJ Cox (D-Fresno) has been consistent about his priorities for serving the 21st District of California in Washington, D.C., and they don’t include impeaching a president.

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“I came to work on things (such as) clean, fresh drinking water … the Farmworker Modernization Act,” Cox said. “This distraction of what the president has or hasn’t been doing — we’re going to let that inquiry go forward and see where it lays.”

“Those are the real issues I work on every day. And frankly, this impeachment issue — it never comes up.”Congressman TJ Cox

The House Judiciary Committee begins its impeachment inquiry today. Earlier this week, GV Wire asked Cox about his views on impeachment. His answers have not wavered.

Asked if the quid pro quo President Donald Trump is accused of with the Ukrainian government is an impeachable offense, Cox deflected, asking if things like bribery, extortion, or a shakedown are impeachable.

No Decision Yet

Cox said he hasn’t decided how he would vote on the House floor on impeachment — if it gets that far. He did reference testimony presented at the House Intelligence Committee, saying military aid was withheld in exchange for an investigation into Trump’s political rivals.

“For me, that just doesn’t sit right. And I think for a lot of other Americans, that doesn’t sit right as well,” Cox said.

Constituents Aren’t Talking About It

The 21st District covers a four-county area in the Central Valley, including western Fresno County, Hanford, and parts of Bakersfield. Cox says his constituents aren’t raising impeachment.

Cox says they’ve been asking him about water, immigration, and healthcare.

“Those are the real issues I work on every day. And frankly, this impeachment issue — it never comes up,” Cox said.


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