Either Fresno County voters are satisfied with their elected officials. Or those already in power are seen as unbeatable by potential candidates. Perhaps it’s a combination of both of these factors.

Regardless of the perceived reasons, it’s a fact that high-profile county leaders such as Sheriff Margaret Mims, District Attorney Lisa Sondergaard Smittcamp, Superintendent of Schools Jim Yovina, Assessor-Recorder Paul Dictos and District 4 Supervisor Buddy Mendes won’t face opposition in the 2018 election.

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims

However, there will spirited competition for three Fresno City Council seats, two of which are opening up because of terms limits. But District 1 Councilwoman Esmeralda Soria will have a free pass to a second term after failing to attract a competitor.

Here is the final list of candidates for elected office within Fresno County. The deadline to file expired on Friday, March 9.

An official list of candidates for statewide office (governor, U.S. Senator, etc.) will be released by the secretary of state by March 29. The final list for the state Senate and Assembly will be issued by that deadline, too.

Only Fresno will have city council races in the June 5 primary. Other cities, as well as school boards, will only be on the November ballot.


Dept. 4:

Billy Terrence, Fresno County senior deputy district attorney

Roger Wilson, private practice attorney

Dept. 8:

Robert Mangano, Fresno County senior deputy district attorney

Brent Woodward, deputy counsel for Fresno County

These Incumbents Are Unopposed

Dept. 1: Donald Black

Dept. 2: Gary Hoff

Dept. 3: Debra Kazanjian

Dept. 5: David Kalemkarian

Dept. 6: Michael Idiart

Dept. 7: Mary Dolas

Dept. 9: Jonathan Skiles

Dept. 10: Rosemary McGuire

County-Wide Offices

Board of Supervisors, District 1:

Brian Pacheco, incumbent

Jose Ornelas, San Joaquin city councilman

Auditor-Controller/Treasurer-Tax Collector

David Keyes, certified public accountant

Alan Cade Jr., college instructor, and former deputy auditor-controller

Oscar J. Garcia, incumbent

County Clerk

Brandi Orth, incumbent

Adrian Rivera, public tax adviser

These Incumbents Are Unopposed

Fresno County DA Lisa Smittcamp

Board of Supervisors, District 4: Buddy Mendes

Superintendent of Schools; Jim Yovino

Assessor-Recorder: Paul Dictos

District Attorney: Lisa Sondergaard Smittcamp

Sheriff-Public Administrator: Margaret Mims

City of Fresno

Fresno City Council, District 3

Daren Miller, educator at Madera Unified

Kimberly Tapscott-Munson, retired school librarian

Sean Sanchez, mortgage company owner

Craig Scharton, interim president/CEO of Downtown Fresno Partnership, and former councilman

Miguel Arias, State Center Community College District Trustee, and Fresno Unified spokesman

Tate Hill, manager at Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission, and former president/CEO of Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce

Larry Burrus, business owner (note: he was added late, after a clerical error from the county clerk’s office left off the initial list)

Fresno City Council District 5

Luis Chavez, incumbent

Paula Yang, anchorwoman on Hmong TV

Paul Condon, small business owner

Jose Barraza, community developer/builder

Fresno City Council District 7

Veva Islas, program director at Cutiva La Salud

Nelson Esparza, Fresno County Board of Education Trustee, and Fresno City College instructor

Brian Whelan, private practice attorney

Fresno City Council District 1

Incumbent Esmeralda Soria is unopposed

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