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Photo of a women executive leading a board meeting

Women in Boardroom Law: Are Fresno Companies Complying?

California's women in the boardroom law goes into effect Jan. 1. Authored by Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara), it mandates that the boards of publicly traded companies have women directors. David Taub Politics 101 Three such comp...
Photos of Donald Trump and Jim Costa

Dem Opponents Zing Costa for Attending Trump Christmas Party

Rep. Jim Costa's political opponents are making hay of the fact the Fresno Democrat reportedly attended President Donald Trump's congressional holiday party at the White House on Thursday night. In Costa's defense, holiday cheer should be a bipartisan issue...

City Hall Proposal Would Leave Guns to the Cops

Update, 12/12/19:  The city council voted 7-0 to table the introduction of this bill until later. The next meeting is Jan. 16. The final vote to approve would be at the second meeting the item appears on. It wo...
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