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Arias Explains Switcheroo on Anti-Panhandling Signs

On Wednesday, three city councilmembers — Miguel Arias, Garry Bredefeld, Paul Caprioglio — publicly supported the “Help Us, Help Fresno” proposal. Their idea? Place signs discouraging motorists from giving to panhandlers at busy intersections and instead as...
Photo of a woman receiving money from a person in a car

Can City Ordinance “STOP” Panhandling?

UPDATE, 3/20/2019: Councilmembers Miguel Arias, Esmeralda Soria and Nelson Esparza formally announced their opposition to the ordinance written about below. They are holding news conference Wednesday (March 20)...

Is Clovis Economic Boom Headed for Slow Down?

At tonight’s Clovis council meeting (March 4), the board will hear a five-year economic forecast. The report indicates trouble looming: “The General Fund forecast continues to be much more constrained during...
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