Politics 101

Dyer Outlines Plans for Final Months as Chief

Jerry Dyer is on the final sprint to his Oct. 15 retirement date after 18 years as Fresno's police chief. He'll spend most of it on his hammock, metaphorically speaking. David Taub Politics 101 Politics 101 asked Dyer about the end of h...
Measure P overlay on Fresno city flag

Did Fresno Parks Tax Pass? Court Delays Its Ruling.

Update, 7/08/19, 3:15 p.m.: A Fresno County Superior Court judge delayed a tentative ruling expected today on Measure P. Judge Kimberly Gaab pushed back a decision on whether the Fresno sales tax for parks was approved by voters with 53% of the vote. The...
Photo of a Fresno fire truck

Council Increases Fire Fees on New Fresno Construction

A week after balking at raising fire impact fees for residential and commercial construction, the Fresno City Council approved a plan that will raise them 143%. The impact fees, which would help the fire department build new stations, are currently $779 for...
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