Politics 101

Five Years Later, Tally Shows Gerawan Workers Want UFW Gone

“No Union. No Union.” That was the refrain from ALRB field examiner Veronica Cervantes as she read off ballots Tuesday from a 2013 election asking Gerawan Farming workers whether they wanted United Farm Workers union representation. Politics 101 ...
Photo combo of Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Janz

Janz Is One of Many Dems Who Want to Ditch Pelosi

If the Blue Wave washes over Republicans in November, will Nancy Pelosi return as Speaker of the House? First, Democrats have to take control of the House of Representatives. Second, those Democrats would have to stick with the San Francisco liberal stalwar...

New Clovis Costco Clears Hurdle, Eyes 2019 Opening

Costco plans to move its Clovis location to the northwest corner of Santa Ana and Clovis avenues by the fall of 2019. The warehouse chain is a step closer after the Clovis City Council denied an appeal from a labor union objecting to the new location. ...
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