Politics 101

Fresno Council Passes $1.2B Budget. What Will Mayor Do?

The Fresno City Council approved a $1.2 billion budget Thursday, but Mayor Lee Brand said he still might use his veto pen. David Taub Politics 101 In their eyes, council members got around being over budget by delaying some items, reschedu...
Photo combination of Garry Bredefeld and Miguel Arias

The Miguel And Garry Show Continues At City Hall

Sometimes, Fresno councilmen Miguel Arias and Garry Bredefeld can’t help trolling each other live on the dais or on Twitter. Whether it is battles over policy or personal potshots, the Miguel and Garry Show has been one of more entertaining parts of the cou...

No Cops, No Budget, Says City Council Candidate Karbassi

Fresno City Council hopeful Mike Karbassi wants District 2 to know he is the law and order candidate. At a fundraiser Tuesday night at the Sierra Sport and Racquet Club, having police chief Jerry Dyer and district attorney Lisa Smittcamp in attendance was a...
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