Boxing gloves featuring U.S., left, and China flags

Max Boot: Trump Ignores Real China Threats

Washington Post columnist Max Boot offers a multiple choice quiz for readers about President Trump and China. "What’s the biggest danger from China?" he asks in his June 6 column. And then he provides three possible answers: (a) its trade surplus with th...
Donald Trump makes a point to the crowd.

Moral Leadership? It Evaporated With Clinton and Trump.

"Democrats surrendered this standard in their defense of President Bill Clinton. Republicans are abandoning this standard in their defense of President Trump. There is apparently no remaining constituency for the belief that high office should involve moral le...

Arambula Blocks Tulare Hospital Funding Without Vote

Today, struggling Tulare Regional Medical Center (TRMC) saw one of its most promising sources of potential funding killed quietly in Sacramento. The proposal by Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R- Visalia) to provide $22 million in state budget funds for the reope...
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