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Fresno’s Veterans Day Parade Is Largest In the Nation

Over 30,000 people attended the largest Veterans Day Parade in the nation Monday in downtown Fresno. The parade began in 1919 and has been held every year since with the exception of World War II. "It was fantastic," said Daniel Payne, president of the V...
Photo illustration for the 2018 Fresno Food Expo

Fresno Food Expo Launches Locals to World Markets

Who will be the next Valley business to use the Fresno Food Expo as a launching pad for expansion? While some companies use the Fresno Food Expo to reach new markets, others hope to find companies that can help them expand their businesses locally. The a...

Immigrants Reach Citizenship Dream With This Clinic’s Help

It’s a place where new Americans, or at least those who want to become Americans, go for help. It’s the New American Legal Clinic, a service of San Joaquin College of Law. The program offers non-citizens, who are legally residing in the United States, with ...
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