Photo of the South Fork of the Kings River in Kings Canyon National Park

Locals Gear Up to Keep Kings River Water

Just as they did more than two generations ago, Kern County farmers are looking to another Central Valley river to the north to refill their groundwater shortfall. But this time around, natives in the Kings River watershed are “sharpening their knives” to f...
Aerial overview of the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta

Trump Plan Delivers More Water for Valley Farmers

The Trump administration unveiled a new plan Tuesday to govern California's water usage that would deliver more irrigation water for Valley farmers. An analysis by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and th...
A photo of swollen Coyote Creek in Cypress, California

Southern California Wastes So Much Rain It Should Be a Crime

The Sierra snowpack is thick and brimming with water content. Rain is drenching California. An estimated 18 trillion gallons of water has fallen on the state in February alone. Too bad that most of the precipitation that falls in the state's urban areas is ...
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