Joe Mathews

Photo of Panorama Vista Preserve, Bakersfield

From Bakersfield, You Can See Forever

From Yosemite Valley to the Golden Gate, California boasts extraordinary vistas. But if you’re looking for the most thought-provoking view in the state, skip the beaches and mountains, and head for Bakersfield’...
Photo of Billie Eilish performing

Billie Eilish Really Is the California Girl Next Door

If Billie Eilish lives in the neighborhood, is she one of us? It might seem preposterous to think of Eilish as the California girl next door. The 18-year-old is the first international pop star born in the 21st century, with the best-selling album of the pa...
Photo of Trader Joe's sign

Trader Joe’s Lets Us Be Snobs at Reasonable Prices

For years, I’ve told children, newspaper editors, and other credulous people that I’m the Joe of Trader Joe’s. That’s a lie. But it’s true that the store and I grew up in the very same neighborhood. As a Pasadena child, I would ride my bike two blocks from ...
Picture of a female physician

These Immigrants are Making Healthcare More Human

Immigrants, already essential  to California healthcare, will  become even more important in the future. Today, one in six medical professionals, and nearly one-third of physicians, are foreign-born, and man...
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