Guest Writers

Image of Fresno from a distance painted by a homeless woman.

If Fresno Does This, Homelessness Ends Tomorrow

(Author’s note: This fictional account illustrates the events, policy changes and political will it would take to end homelessness in our community.) The New Year started off normal enough, but before February 2019 was over it was obvious that something had...
Photo of a premature baby in NICU

Opinion: New York Abortion Law Allows Infanticide

As a child in the early 90’s, I would sometimes visit the old Valley Children’s Hospital at Shields and Millbrook avenues, where my father worked. The NICU unit was near my dad’s office, and there was an outside window where you could peer in and see the preem...
Photo of a house and coins

Joel Fox: Changing Prop. 13 Could Worsen Housing Crisis

For four decades, Proposition 13, the property tax reform that passed in 1978, has been blamed for many of the ills that have befallen California. Opinion Joel Fox Special to CALmatters High housing costs were a constant refrain during the te...