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Photo of a pregnant woman

Why Gov. Newsom Should Veto SB 24, the Chemical Abortion Bill

Senate Bill 24 would require California’s public universities to provide the chemical method of abortion to college women. It would be a needless expansion of the practice of abortion, and Gov. Gavin Newsom should veto it. This measure would not be a wise i...
Photo of Democratic Debate

How TV Cameras Influence Candidates’ Debate Success

As the Democratic Party continues to winnow its field of candidates to challenge President Donald Trump, it’s important to remember that the way candidates are covered on TV can influence public opinion. That’s become increasingly apparent in today’s media lan...

Farms, the Environment, and the Future of Water

In the middle of July, I was surprised to find myself trudging through a couple feet of snow while hiking south of Lake Tahoe. It was a striking contrast to the long walks I took on the dry lakebed of Folsom Re...
Photo of a For Rent sign

Rent Cap Bill Won’t Fix California’s Housing Crisis

When California lawmakers vote on a rent cap bill in the coming days, they must consider the consequences it will have on our state’s housing crisis for years to come. Our state’s housing affordability and availability crisis deserves a comprehensive approa...
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