Guest Writers

Photo of men wearing masks during the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic

Pre Coronavirus: A Quiz on the 1918 Flu Pandemic

By Jeffrey Sikkenga We’re living through history. There has been much speculation about what the coronavirus means for America and for our future as a country. While none of us has lived through anything like this before, it is not the first ...
Photo of an Oakland restaurant's dining room

California’s Shelter-In-Place Order, Explained

By Byrhonda Lyons, CalMatters As President Donald Trump considers easing national restrictions by Easter, Californians are into their first week of an official shelter-in-place directive to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered...
Photo of the Fresno County Courthouse

COVID-19 and the Court Crisis: Action Needed Now

In California, we have now been ordered by the governor to shelter-in-place. Our government is requiring individuals to give up rights, asking businesses to give up income, and asking our fellow community membe...
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