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Photo of political signs in California

GOP Is Dead in California. A New Way Must Rise: Kristin Olsen

The California Republican Party isn’t salvageable at this time. The Grand Old Party is dead — partly because it has failed to separate itself from today’s toxic, national brand of Republican politics. Painful though it was, that was the message I delivered ...
Photo of an American flag with a soldier and child silhouette

Opinion: Why I Love Being a Veteran

If you had told me how I’d look back with fondness on the time I served as brigade commander during the worst of Diyala Province in 2006-2007, I would have smirked. Of course I’d love being a veteran, I can ima...
Photo of a donkey and an elephant on an American flag

Opinion: The Wave That Wasn’t

Call it the Oprah Election: You get a win! And you get a win! And you … Democrats win control of the House, along with all the chairmanships — and subpoena power — that come with it. Opinion Michael Graham Republicans add to their Senat...
Photo of Fresno for Parks supporters

Step Up, Fresno: Vote ‘Yes’ on Measure P!

I am a new reader of GV Wire, so it was with great interest that I turned to your Voter Guide. I was quite shocked to see the content of the “No” commentary on Measure P. First, the opponents of Measure P ar...

Democrats Get Big Bucks From Small-Dollar Donors

In any campaign, big money players get the most attention. But Democrats running in California’s seven most competitive congressional districts are vastly outraising Republicans in small-dollar donations, according to a review of campaign money compiled by the...
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