Photo of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

US Fears Iran Seized UAE-Based Tanker in Strait of Hormuz

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — A small oil tanker from the United Arab Emirates traveling through the Strait of Hormuz entered Iranian waters and turned off its tracker two days ago, leading the U.S. to suspect Iran seized the vessel amid heightened tensions in...
Photo of containers at a port in China

China Imports From US Plunge 31% in June Amid Tariff War

BEIJING — China's trade with the United States plunged last month as a tariff war battered exporters on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. Chinese imports of U.S. goods fell 31.4% from a year earlier to $9.4 billion, while exports to the American market decli...
Photo of British Embassy in Washington

Diplomats Shaken by Resignation of Britain’s US Ambassador

WASHINGTON — The abrupt resignation of Britain's ambassador to the United States over leaked cables critical of the Trump administration may have jolted official Washington, but it's unlikely to have a lasting impact on the U.S.-British relationship or diploma...
Border Patrol vehicle

2 Marines Allegedly Smuggle Immigrants at Border for Cash

Two Marines based at Camp Pendleton face federal charges after allegedly accepting money to pick up undocumented immigrants near the U.S-Mexico border. Three undocumented immigrants were in the back seat, and they told authorities they planned to pay $8,000...
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