Photo of mountain lion laying on a bathroom floor

Cougar Goes Inside California House, Lies Down in Bathroom

SONORA — Officials say a mountain lion wandered inside a California house and was captured in a photo lying on a bathroom floor. The Tuolumne County Sheriff's office said that family members and the mountain lion ran away from each other Sunday after the co...
Photo of a mountain lion

California Freeway Crossing to Give Wildlife Room to Roam

LOS ANGELES — Like many urban singles, the mountain lion P-22 lives a solitary life in a too-small habitat. And he has a hard time finding a mate in the big city. Famous for traveling across two freeways and making a huge Los Angeles park his home, the lone...
Photo of Atlantic puffins near Eastern Egg Rock

Puffins Fill up Nesting Islands This Year Despite Challenges

PORTLAND, Maine — One of the most beloved birds in Maine is having one of its most productive seasons for mating pairs in years on remote islands off the state's coast. Atlantic puffins, with their colorful beaks and waddling walks, are one of New England's...

How to Keep Your Pet Safe on Fourth of July

Although it's a day of loud and joyful celebration for the human species, Independence Day is notoriously traumatizing for many pets. "The Fourth of July is probably the hardest holiday for all the pets in the community," says Devon Prendergast, Community R...
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