Empty Seas: Oceanic Shark Populations Dropped 71% Since 1970

WASHINGTON — When marine biologist Stuart Sandin talks about sharks, it sounds like he’s describing Jedis of the ocean. “They are terrific predators, fast swimmers and they have amazing senses — they can detect any disturbance in the ocean from great distance,...
Photo of a close up of a dog's nose

Vets Warn of Sudden Rise of Pet Illness Spreading in San Diego

NBC San Diego Veterinarians in San Diego are seeing more and more cases of a bacterial illness in dogs called leptospirosis. The rise doesn't qualify as an outbreak just yet, but the illness is spreading quickly at local dog parks and boarding fa...

It’s Major: Pets Poised for a Return to the White House

WASHINGTON — Major Biden is getting an early start in the spotlight as a presidential pet after a play date ended with his owner, President-elect Joe Biden, suffering a broken foot. As if that weren’t enough for one weekend, it was also confirmed that Major wi...
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