California Can’t Enforce Ban on Gator Products, Judge Rules

NEW ORLEANS — California’s ban on selling alligator products probably violates federal laws and the state cannot enforce it while various legal challenges remain in court, a federal judge has ruled. The state of Louisiana and companies in California, Florid...
Photo of Cambodian landmine detection rat, Magawa

Landmine-Sniffing Rat Hailed as Hero, Beats Out Dogs for Award

LONDON — A rat has for the first time won a British charity's top civilian award for animal bravery, receiving the honor for searching out unexploded landmines in Cambodia. In this undated photo issued by the PDSA, People's Dispensary for Sick Animals, Cam...
Photo of a close up of a dog's nose

A Genetic Study Reveals Which Animals Can Contract Coronavirus

Salon Researchers at the University of California, Davis, figured out a clever way to deduce which animals are susceptible to the novel coronavirus — without putting any of our animal friends at risk by intentionally infecting them. According to...
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