Photo of California farmers rallying to protest water plan

An Attempt to Steal Valley Water in the Dark of Night

With a global pandemic, a catastrophic economic recession, and record-high unemployment numbers, one would think the state has enough issues to tackle. But proponents of a state water grab that I have been fighting since the day I was sworn into office in 2012...
Photo of an egret flying away with dinner at the Hills Ferry Barrier on the San Joaquin River near the confluence with the Merced River in 2018.

Westlands Again Is Eyeing San Joaquin River Water

Westlands Water District sent shockwaves through the Central Valley water world recently after it alerted several districts that it intends to apply for rights to flood flows on the San Joaquin River. A previous attempt by Westlands to get rights to San Joa...
Photo of Kern County oil pumps set against a blue sky

What Is ‘Fresh’ Oilfield Water?

Most water that comes up with oil is pretty nasty stuff, full of heavy metals and loaded with salts, says Clay Rodgers, executive officer for the Central California Regional Water Quality Control Board. In fact, most oilfield produced water is very close to...
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