Aerial overview of the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta

Trump Plan Delivers More Water for Valley Farmers

The Trump administration unveiled a new plan Tuesday to govern California's water usage that would deliver more irrigation water for Valley farmers. An analysis by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service says the plan ...
A photo of Shasta Dam in northern California

West Side Gets 35%, Friant 100%, Salmon 100% of Water Allocation

West-side farmers in Fresno County will receive a 35% water allocation from the Central Valley Project, the Bureau of Reclamation announced Wednesday. Other districts served by the federal water project, however, will receive allocations ranging from 70% to...
Aerial photo of canals that are part of the Central Valley Project

Water Effort Unites Brown, McCarthy, and Feinstein

The Sacramento Bee reports that two leading Democrats, Gov. Jerry Brown and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, are joining forces with Kevin McCarthy, the most powerful Republican in the House of Representatives, to bring hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding...
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