Collage image of SB 743's VMT effects on Californians

How Much You Drive Soon Will Dictate the Price of a New Home

If you dream of buying a new house in the suburbs — or anywhere outside the urban core —the cost is going way, way up because of a California law taking effect July 1. "The intent is to shift people out of their cars into some alternative mode." — Tony Bore...
Composite image of a highway, safety cones, map, Measure C logo and Highway 180 sign symbolizing the Measure C transportation tax and

Measure C Transportation Tax Renewal Goes to Voters in 2022

Fresno County's transportation sales tax will be on the ballot in November 2022 — more than four years before it expires. Why? Tony Boren, executive director of the Fresno Council of Governments, says there are several reasons to seek early approval of M...
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