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Sal Quintero: Industrial Parks Bring Jobs to South Fresno, but Air Issues Must Be Mitigated



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Fresno County Supervisor Sal Quintero, who represents District 3 encompassing the city’s south side and nearby communities, sits down with GV Wire’s David Taub to discuss the issues and the upcoming election in which he seeks a third term.

During their conversation, Quintero said that industrial parks are vital for southern neighborhoods because they provide jobs and offer an opportunity for residents to walk, cycle, or ride a bus to work.

However, Quintero said, new industrial development must mitigate any additional air pollution it adds.

Video Time Stamps

Here are the time stamps for the subjects covered in this video:

0:20: Strained relationships between the city of Fresno and Fresno County

1:01: What’s a fair tax-sharing split between the city and county?

3:38: Where should distribution centers and industrial parks be built?

8:20: Are you satisfied with Fresno’s County water supply? If not, where do you get it?

11:20: Are the county’s impact fees for new development at the right level?

12:47: Are you concerned about losing jobs to other counties?

13:45: The Cesar Chavez road naming controversy

15:50: Voting to allow only California and U.S. flags on county properties

16:30 Creating a board to review books that go in the children’s sections at county libraries

17:07: Yokuts Valley or Squaw Valley?

19:05: Why did you vote to support Israel after the Oct. 7, 2023, Hamas attack?

20:16: Why do you think your former council chief of staff and political ally Luis Chavez is running against you?

21:05: Where do you stand on Measure E, the proposed county sales tax for Fresno State?

22:10: Did you support an extension of the Measure C transportation tax?

23:30: Who should Measure C leaders listen to when shaping the next proposal?

24:10: When did you learn about the illegal bio-lab in Reedley?

25:40: What should you have known about the county’s problems with its foster youth program?

27:00 The arrest of Quintero’s county chief of staff Steve Rapada

28:30: Should county home healthcare providers receive raises?

Watch: Interview With Fresno County Supervisor District 3 Candidate EJ Hinojosa 

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