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MyPillow Ads Axed by Fox News: A Blow to Lindell’s Struggling Business



Fox News discontinues MyPillow ads and appearances by founder Mike Lindell, whose business faces severe financial challenges. (Shutterstock)
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Mike Lindell, the founder of MyPillow, has announced that Fox News has discontinued all advertisements and appearances related to his brand.

This comes as a significant blow to Lindell’s business, which has already been facing challenges with major retailers and banks severing ties with him. Lindell’s TV commercials, a major driver of his business, were dropped by most networks three years ago, leaving only Fox News and Newsmax to air his ads.

Lindell, who appeared visibly upset during his announcement on his internet channel ‘Lindell TV’, was unable to provide a reason for Fox News’ decision.

He speculated that it could be due to his recent collaboration with former Fox host Lou Dobbs, who was dismissed by Fox for promoting conspiracy theories. Dobbs recently conducted an interview with former President Donald Trump on Lindell’s channel.

Lindell, who has been barred from appearing as a guest on Fox for the past three years, expressed his concern over the cancellation, stating that it was an attempt to silence him. Once a successful entrepreneur who rose from homelessness and addiction to build a multi-million dollar business, Lindell’s fortunes have taken a downturn since his association with Trump.

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