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NFL Sideline Reporter Admits to Fabricating Interviews for Network Telecasts



NFL sideline reporter Charissa Thompson admits to fabricating live reports when coaches fail to provide useful information. (Shutterstock)
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Charissa Thompson, a sideline reporter, has confessed to fabricating NFL sideline reports during live broadcasts. Thompson revealed her strategy during an interview on Pardon My Take, a Barstool podcast. She explained that when coaches failed to provide useful information, she would just invent one. Thompson has previously discussed this practice on her podcast with Erin Andrews, but this is the first time she has openly admitted to creating entirely made-up reports.

Thompson’s admission raises questions about the authenticity of sideline reports and the role of those reporters. While some coaches may appreciate sideline reporters filling in the gaps, others may be concerned about the potential for misinformation. This revelation also underscores the often generic nature of in-game interviews with coaches, suggesting that they may not be as essential as previously thought.

Thompson, who currently hosts Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football for Amazon, has since apologized and attempted to clarify her comments in an Instagram post. Amazon responded to inquiries about whether Thompson would address the issue on air by stating that she was recounting a story from 15 years ago.

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