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California Gun Store Reports Surge in Jewish Buyers Amid Rising Antisemitism



Jewish Americans in California are buying guns amid rising antisemitism and pro-Palestinian protests. (Shutterstock)
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In response to rising antisemitism and pro-Palestinian protests, Jewish Americans in California are increasingly arming themselves for self-defense, according to a local gun store owner.

Eric Fletcher, manager of Burbank Ammo and Guns, reported a significant increase in Jewish and Israeli customers purchasing firearms for the first time. The store processed 203 firearms safety certificate tests in October 2023, a 450% increase from the previous year.

Fletcher also noted a rise in female buyers, particularly mothers. This surge in gun purchases follows the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel, which has led to a surge in pro-Palestinian support in the U.S., particularly on college campuses, and a concerning increase in antisemitism. Fletcher also highlighted the challenges posed by California’s gun laws and emphasized the importance of federal, state, and local elections in preserving personal freedoms.

A similar trend has been observed in Georgia, where a gun store owner reported a 30% increase in business, primarily from Jewish Americans buying their first guns.

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