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County Official Provides Latest on Reedley Bio Lab Cleanup



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Joe Prado, assistant director of the Fresno County Department of Public Health, said Tuesday that “there is no imminent threat to the public safety at the Reedley (bio lab) site today.”

In a report to the Fresno County Board of Supervisors and in an interview with GV Wire, Prado outlined all the measures the county — along with state and federal agencies — have taken following the discovery of 1,000 mice and thousands of gallons of biological material at an old Reedley warehouse.

However, Prado called for additional investigation into the operators of Reedley lab and the shuttered Fresno company that provided the biological materials which wound up in Reedley.

‘Took Down Goliath With a Green Garden Hose’

“This was a bad-player company, a bad-actor company that was kicked out of Canada,” said Reedley City Manager Nicole Zieba. “They went to Texas, they got kicked out of Texas. They came to California — recruited with tax credits, by the way. They went to Fresno, kicked out of Fresno. They went to Tulare, kicked out of Tulare, went back to Fresno. Kicked out of Fresno, came to Reedley. This little David city took down Goliath with a green garden hose.”


Jesalyn Harper, life safety code officer with the Reedley Fire Department, points to the green garden hose that started the investigation into the now-shuttered illegal medical lab, Monday, July 31, 20023. (GV Wire/Paul Marshall)

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