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Trump Second Term Could Threaten Democracy if He and His Supporters Have Their Way



Despite a tumultuous first term, former President Donald Trump is poised for a 2024 GOP nomination, with supporters planning an "America First" agenda. (GV Wire Composition/David Rodriguez)
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Donald Trump’s chaotic presidency ended with a Capitol attack, impeachment, and indictment after his 2020 election loss. Even so, he is expected to be the 2024 Republican nominee. His “America First” supporters aim to ensure a more disciplined and productive second term, including completing the border wall, increasing tariffs, ending birthright citizenship, and expressing skepticism toward NATO

They’re planning to make thousands of top civil servants dismissible at will and replace them with Trump loyalists. A “conservative LinkedIn” is being created to source these individuals, in a bid to prevent bureaucratic obstruction of the president’s plans.

But there are problems with this plan. One, it would rid the government of expertise just when it’s needed most. Two, it could lead to a future president having too much power. And three, it would give the president direct control of the Department of Justice, which could destroy legal independence.

If Trump gets back into power and these plans move forward, America could end up like Hungary and Poland, with a much less liberal democracy. The country would be more divided and trust in institutions and the law would suffer. Some people might hope Trump won’t win the nomination or the election, but that’s risky. If he wins, his team could start tearing down the administrative state, leading to a president with too much power.

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