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Biden Not Up to the Task in Ukraine Crisis



(AP file Photo/Patrick Semansky)
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Robert Gates said Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy action for the past fifty years. He was against the mission to go after Khomeini, he botched the Afghanistan departure, and other historic shortcomings.

During the Obama administration, Barry believed in the concept of, “leading from behind.” When Putin was threatening Ukraine during the Obama/Biden administration Barry and Joe sent blankets to Ukraine. The Ukrainian people needed supplies of weapons and other strategic items.

During the Trump administration, Putin was afraid to go into Ukraine because he was not sure what Trump would do. Once Joe and Kamala were in the driver’s seat Putin started his actions.

$6 a Gallon Gasoline

Joe and his ilk with the stroke of a pen made the US an energy dependent nation, okayed the second pipeline for the Russians to build to sell oil to Germany and with the Keystone Pipeline and other pipelines shut down the price of oil per barrel soared. We were looking at $30-$40. per barrel during Donald’s administration and now we are seeing oil prices approaching $200.00 per barrel. Gasoline is going for more than $6.00 a gallon in California. The Russians are financing the attack on Ukraine with those high profits.

Bill Atwood


Joe chatted with Vladimir via ZOOM and the result was a continued build-up of Russian troops and equipment on the border of Ukraine. We huffed and puffed but Joe just was not threatening enough to scare Putin.

Putin made the blunder of underestimating the will of the Ukrainian people to stand up against the Russian military. Putin figured the war would end rather quickly and his plans have bogged down in the same way the forty-mile-long convoy was bogged down. People will fight to the death to protect their own country. The Russian soldiers did not even know they were going to fight the Ukrainian people.

The Biden administration now wants to point to the Putin invasion as the cause of our inflation. Sorry Joe: that is a lie, and he knows it. The inflation is caused by the policies enacted solely by the Democrats that poured trillions into the economy with fewer product to sell thanks to paying folks to stay home and not work. Economists had warned the Democrats about the inflation, but Democrats felt they knew best.

Americans Want Energy Independence

Finally, the polling showed the current Oval Office occupant that people do not want to buy Russian oil, so he reversed his stance. What the American people really want is energy independence and the Keystone and other pipelines being developed. Biden has sold his soul to the “Greenies” and the progressives and does not have the courage to tell the Squad and the other lefties to “sit down and shut up!”

The 81 million folks who proudly voted in this administration because they hated the Tweeter-in-Chief so much that they have devastated the American economy, brought about less trust in the United States among foreign allies and enemies and they have themselves to blame. I do not want to hear a single one of those 81 million complain about the inflation rate, supply chain shortages, or crime from the illegal people surging across the open southern border.

I want those 81 million to apologize for having Kamala embarrass the United States with her lack of talent or knowledge. Being the “affirmative action” Vice President has not served us well. She is in way over her head.

The president is not up to the task, the Veep is not up to the task, and we do not have a chance to oust them until 2024.

Oh boy!

About the Author

Bill Atwood is retired educator with a doctorate in public administration from the University of Southern California. He resides in Madera County and serves as a trustee with the Bass Lake School District.

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