Dozens have filed to run for governor in a bid to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom in the recall election later this year.

Some of the candidates are well-known and on the campaign trail such as former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, 2018 candidate John Cox, and former Congressman Doug Ose.

Some are celebrities taking a chance like former Olympic hero and reality TV actor Caitlyn Jenner and one-time adult entertainment actress Mary Carey (officially listed as Mary Cook).

One Fresno Resident Enters Recall

Nickolas Wildstar, who ran for governor in 2018 and 2014, and finished as an also-ran in the 2020 Fresno mayoral race, has filed to run.

Two currently hold elected office, Jeff Hewitt, a Libertarian supervisor from Riverside County; and Hilaire Fuji Shioura, a library board member from Placentia.

In total, 38 people have filed candidate intention statements.

Voters will be asked two questions. Should Gov. Gavin Newsom be recalled, yes or no? And, if recalled, who should replace him?

A majority of yes votes is needed for Newsom to be recalled; if the recall is successful, the candidate with the most votes would be the new governor.

A Look at the Candidates

GV Wire compiled the following list based on public documents and information from candidates, as of May 28.

The following list is for the 2021 recall. Several others have filed intention statements for the regularly scheduled 2022 governor’s race.

Name (party) City Background
Top name candidates
John Cox (R) San Diego Businessman; lost to Newsom in 2018 general election
Kevin Faulconer (R) San Diego Former mayor of San Diego
Doug Ose (R) Walnut Grove Former U.S. congressman from Sacramento area
Caitlyn Jenner (R) Malibu Former Olympic great as Bruce Jenner; reality TV actor
Mary E. Cook (aka Mary Carey) (NPP) North Hollywood Former adult entertainer; ran in 2003 recall election
The rest
Karen Blake (R) Woodbridge Geologist; Ran for state superintendent in 2010
Carla Canada (NPP) San Bernardino Paralegal; homeless youth advocate
John R. Drake (D) Ventura Recent Ventura College graduate, ice skating coach
Anthony Fanara (D) Los Angeles Owns Palermo Ristorante Italiano in Los Angeles
Veronika Fimbres (Green) San Francisco Transgender advocate
Wayne H. Frazier (R) Escondido Accountant
Rhonda Dee Furin (R) Anaheim Ran for Congress (CA-45) in 2020; educator
Adam M. Hadjinian (NPP) San Francisco Management consultant
James G. Hanink (NPP) Inglewood Former professor
Sean Harrison (R) Modesto Patient advocate
Jeff Hewitt (Libertarian) Calimesa Riverside County supervisor
Luis Huang (D) Irvine Ran for Irvine mayor in 2020, lost
Daniel I. Kapelovitz (Green) Los Angeles Attorney
Chauncey S. Killens (R) Hemet Pastor
Paul Mesrop Kurdian (NPP) Palm Springs Real estate
Jenny Rae Le Roux (R) Redding Businesswoman
Diego Martinez (R) Sonora Owns a bail bond company; bounty hunter
Christopher Thomas Mason (R) Murrieta n/a
Daniel Mercuri (R) Simi Valley Owns multi-media production company; Navy veteran
Jemiss Nazar (NPP) Porter Ranch Chiropractor
Robert C. Newman II (R) Redlands Ran for governor in 2003 recall, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018; lost each time
Kevin Paffrath (D) Ventura Real estate broker; YouTube host
Ronald J. Palmieri (D) Palm Springs n/a
Adam Papagan (NPP) Los Angeles Owns tour guide company in LA
Armando Perez-Serrato (D) Orange Businessman
Patrick M. Rakus Jr. (R) Elk Grove Owns classic car restoration shop
Hilarie Fuji Shioura (NPP) Placentia Member of Placentia library board
Sarah L. Stephens (R) Menifee Non-profit founder
Joe M. Symmon (R) Orange Real estate
Anthony D. Trimino (R) Irvine Businessman
Joel A. Ventresca (D) San Francisco Retired airport administrator; has run in several San Francisco elections
Frank Henry Wade (D) San Francisco Taxi driver; former professor
Nickolas Wildstar (R) Fresno Ran for Fresno mayor in 2020

Yes California, an organization dedicated to breaking of the state as an independent nation, will hold a forum on Sunday at 2 p.m.

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  1. Ron Sherrin

    Jan 6 is the story, the never ending story. Trump Republican’s encouraged by Trump attacked our Democracy in a violent attempt to overturn an election. They were there to kill Pelosi, Schumer, Pence, and anyone else they could get their hands on. The Newsom recall is a distraction, a diversion, and a huge waste of time and money. Never forget Jan 6 and the Trump insurrection. That’s the story.


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