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Texas Gains 4 Million Residents, 2 Congressional Seats in Census



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Texas’ torrid growth over the past decade is paying off with a major boost in political clout — two additional congressional seats and electoral votes deepening its already massive influence in the nation’s politics.

New U.S. Census Bureau figures released Monday confirm the relentless population boom in America’s biggest red state. Since 2010, Texas has gained nearly 4 million residents — more than any other state in sheer numbers. For perspective, that’s roughly the entire population of neighboring Oklahoma.

The constitutionally mandated 10-year census determines, among other things, how the fixed number of U.S. House seats and presidential electors will be allocated. The 2020 data were released after months of delays and a head count conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic, a heavy hurricane and wildfire season and amid civil unrest.

Texas will now have 38 congressional representatives— gaining more seats than any state— and 40 votes in the Electoral College.

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