Fresno Unified kids who have gotten used to rolling out of bed and turning on their computers just in time for their first class at 9 a.m. will need to set their alarms earlier when in-person instruction resumes starting April 6.

For some, make that a WHOLE lot earlier. According to the school bus route schedules posted on the Fresno Unified website, some students heading to Edison High-Computech Middle School will need to be at their bus stop at Sierra and Marks avenues by 6:26 a.m.

According to the schedules, Edison-Computech students also will be the last to return home, with the last bus dropping students at Lawless Elementary School in northwest Fresno at 4:39 p.m.

Edison and Computech are magnet schools that enroll students from all over the city.

But the early wake-up will only be needed two days out of five. The district’s current hybrid schedule splits students returning for in-person instruction between groups A and B, with all students having distance learning on Mondays. Group C students will continue with distance learning five days a week.

District spokeswoman Amy Idsvoog said a survey of parents indicates that only about a fourth of students who typically ride buses will be onboard. Out of the 60% of parents who said their kids will be returning for in-person instruction, about 5,000 plan to ride a bus to school, she told GV Wire℠. Many parents are choosing either to walk their kids to school or give them a ride, Idsvoog said.

In pre-COVID years, about 20,000 of the district’s 74,000 students rode buses to and from school, she said.

Masks and Distancing on Buses

Students and drivers will wear masks aboard the buses, which will be disinfected after each trip. Chief operations officer Karin Temple said the goal is for students to spread out as much as possible so as to limit the risk of infection from the coronavirus.

However, spacing might need to be sacrificed to make sure there’s a seat for all kids who want one, she said: “We will never leave a child behind at the bus stop.”

Unlike in past years, classes in all schools start at 9 a.m., which somewhat complicates the scheduling of bus routes, Temple said. As a result, some students may be arriving at school well prior to their start time or will need to wait after the end of their school day for their turn to board a bus, but those students will be supervised before and after school, she said.

Fresno Unified Buses Ready to Roll

Buses – Reopening of Schools with subtitles from Fresno Unified on Vimeo.

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