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Diabetic Outreach Minister Shares the Gospel of Good Nutrition



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After dramatically lowering his blood sugar enough to stop taking his diabetes medication just a year after being diagnosed, Legger Thompson is on a mission to help others do the same – or avoid diabetes altogether. He and his wife, Izetta Thompson, are using the outreach ministry they founded, LIT Ministry, to not only spread their Christian faith, but also the gospel of good nutrition.

The Fresno charter bus driver credits the Community Diabetes Education Center for helping educate him. “When I got the call to come do the diabetes clinics and sit and learn…that’s when it was life changing,” Legger says. “My wife was real adamant about what I should eat, but I didn’t believe her until I came to the Center.”

Last year more than 1,600 patients from a five-county area received education on healthy eating habits and ways to better control their diabetes. Graduates of the program lowered their A1C levels – a measure of blood sugar levels over a 3-month period – an average of 1.6% and reduced their risk of diabetes complications by 34%.

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