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Opinion: The Good News Hidden Within One of America’s Darkest Weeks



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The bad news about America is all around us. This is surely one of the darkest weeks in the country’s history. But there is good news hidden within it — or at least the chance for a renewal of America’s promise.

I don’t want to sugarcoat the reality. We have lived through the most serious threat to American democracy in 150 years — and it’s not over yet. For all those who doubted that President Trump was a danger to democracy, this week has finally provided the smoking gun. In fact, the evidence was long in plain view.

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page, the guardian of American conservatism, consistently ridiculed worries about Trump’s autocratic tendencies. A year into his presidency, it opined that his tenure “must be terribly disappointing to the progressive elites who a year ago predicted an authoritarian America because Mr. Trump posed a unique threat to democratic norms.”

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