A Fresno teaching program, once affected by COVID-related layoffs is not only bouncing back, it is looking for more teachers.

“We were able to work with schools to create enough after school and regular school time positions that we were able to offer all the employees who were laid off positions back,”  Mike Snell, CEO of the California Teaching Fellows Foundation said. “We actually find ourselves in a unique position now where we have about 200 openings that we still need to to fill.”

In May, CTFF laid off 460 of its employees temporarily because of COVID-19 financial hardships. The agency helps place college students with academic teaching opportunities, mostly in after-school programs at public schools and programs operated by the Fresno Housing Authority.

As Schools Resume, Need Rises

Snell said as schools start offering more in-person learning opportunities, the need for student aides increased.

“A lot of schools are beginning to return small cohorts of students back to the site. So in both those spaces, virtually and in person, we’ve had opportunities to partner with schools to help serve young people during and after school and in the regular day,” Snell said.

Seeking College Students

CTFF is seeking college students at places like Fresno State or Valley community colleges to help fill the void. Even with offering those who were laid off their jobs back, there is still a shortage.

Snell said not all of their college students could return because of the changes of class schedules because of virtual school.

“College schedules aren’t working the same way that they were in the past. It’s become a little bit more challenging to find folks that are available five afternoons or five mornings a week consecutively,” Snell said.

What type of student is Snell looking for these paid positions?

“The ideal candidate is a college student who is either directly interested in a career in education or who enjoys working with young people,” Snell said. “Anyone interested in serving youth or young people would be great, great applicants for our organization.”

Opportunities are available in Fresno, Madera, Merced and Kings counties. There are academic qualifications and students must pass a background check.

For more information call CTFF at 559-224-9200 or apply online at this link.

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  1. Cynthia L Quintana

    The Teaching Fellows program under the leadership of Mike Snell, has produced some of the best teachers in the valley. The program focuses on supporting students through interactive activities that teach the Teaching Fellow how to engage students in meaningful learning. The program provides the diversity needed in our classrooms — future teachers who look like our students and who live in their communities.


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