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More City Employees Test COVID Positive as Cases Surge. Restaurant Advocate Calls it Quits



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“This last week, California saw an unprecedented rise in cases,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday in an online news conference originating from his home, where he is in quarantine with his family.

Newsom’s three children were exposed to a California Highway Patrol member who later tested positive for COVID-19. The governor’s family has tested negative for the virus, but officials say they will be tested again in the coming days.

In his remarks, Newsom said state data reveals hospitalizations are up 77% across the state over the last 2 weeks while ICU admissions are up 55% over the last 2 weeks.

“This curfew is the nail in the coffin. I’ve lost my fight.”Vyxn and Jugo Salad & Juice Bar owner Lewis Everk

Fresno County experienced a 10.3% increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations in the past day, with 19 ICU beds currently available. Next door, Madera County saw a 25% increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations in the past day and has just 4 ICU beds available countywide as of Monday.

Six city of Fresno employees have recently tested positive for COVID-19, according to legal notifications obtained by GV Wire. Two of the employees were last at work on November 3, while others were last at work as late as November 18, the notifications said.

Los Angeles County is set to shut down all dining Wednesday amid COVID-19 surge.

Meanwhile, a Fresno business owner says all of this news is just too much to take any longer.

Vyxn Owner Calls It Quits

“This curfew is the nail in the coffin. I’ve lost my fight,” writes Vyxn and Jugo Salad & Juice Bar owner Lewis Everk. Newsom imposed an overnight curfew Saturday night. All non-essential work, movement and gatherings must cease between 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. The curfew is scheduled to remain in effect through Dec. 21.

Everk began the Facebook page “Open Central California” as a way to bring a voice to the struggling small business owners in Fresno County. The page has nearly 22,000 members.

Everk sent the following message to his staff Monday afternoon.

Small Business Concerns

Newsom ended his Monday news conference by speaking to the small business owners up and down the state that are struggling with the demands and closures due to the pandemic.

“I am deeply mindful of the 41 counties in these purple restrictive tiers – the impact that’s had on small businesses in particular,” said Newsom. “All of the uncertainty around a new PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) which must be a top priority of a new CARES Act and stimulus in this country. We’re going to do what we can to do more for our small businesses in this state. That is a top priority with the budget team and a top priority of the California Legislature.”

Los Angeles County is shutting down all dining at restaurants, breweries, wineries and bars for at least three weeks starting Wednesday amid a surge in coronavirus cases, health officials announced Sunday. The establishments will only be able to offer takeout, drive-thru and delivery services.

Photo of Gov. Gavin Newsom wearing a mask

(Twitter/California Governor)

“This last week, California saw an unprecedented rise in cases.”Governor Gavin Newsom

Newsom Credibility

Once again, Newsom was asked about his unmasked dinner at the ‘French Laundry’ restaurant in Napa on November 6. It was a 50th birthday celebration for Jason Kinney, a lobbyist and informal adviser to Newsom.

Asked if he’d lost credibility after photos of the dinner surfaced last week. “I made a mistake. I apologized,” answered Newsom. “I haven’t made the mistake since, and I won’t make it again.”