Worn out from organizing her brother’s memorial service after his sudden death, LaToya Rowe’s face brightened when a neighbor knocked on her door to deliver a box of food. “Oh now I feel better,” she smiled. A single mother who works at a local retail warehouse, Rowe said a produce basket delivered weekly helps stretch her budget and keep her connected to neighbors.

“In these baskets we get things like cabbage, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, squash, a variety of fruits,” Rowe described as she unloaded perfect nectarines into bowl. “A week ago we got collard greens. I’m into my culture and that was a blessing. It was a godsend. And we got Brussel sprouts. I know a lot of kids don’t like Brussel sprouts but my daughter happens to love them. So yes it means a lot to us to have the variety of fruits and vegetables.”

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