Deputy superintendent Ruthie Quinto

Fresno Unified deputy superintendent/chief financial officer Ruthie Quinto is resigning her position effective at the end of the month, superintendent Bob Nelson announced near the start of Wednesday’s board meeting.

Nelson thanked Quinto for her 15 years of service to the district and for her good stewardship of Fresno Unified, which at one point was on the brink of state takeover because of its poor finances.

Quinto also helped guide the district through several economic downturns, and during her tenure the district maintained a “positive budgetary certification,” he said.

Devoting Time to Family

Quinto said she was leaving now to spend more time with her younger son, who in remission from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and to help him with distance learning.

“It’s now time for me to devote a renewed degree of focus and vigilance to his well-being, and his at-home education, which I know has been challenging,” she said.

Quinto also expressed her thanks to the board of education and her colleagues in the district.

She appeared to be fighting back tears as several trustees said they were grateful for her tenure with the district.

Trustee Valerie Davis said she will always remember some of Quinto’s sound financial advice: “If you don’t drive the budget, the budget will drive you.”

Islas Says Quinto Is Latina Role Model

Trustee Veva Islas, who was crying as she spoke, apologized for being emotional as she thanked Quinto and talked about how she was a role model for Latinas.

Islas noted that showing emotion “is one of the characteristics of our people sometimes.”

“It’s not every day that we get a woman of color or a Latina to the heights of becoming a deputy director,” said Islas. “I just really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being an incredible role model.

“Because of you, young Latinas get to see the possibility that can be achieved in our community.”

2 Responses

  1. GG

    From the article regarding Quinto: “that included restoring and maintaining the district’s sound fiscal condition; developing a financing arrangement that led to the construction of the central kitchen; and overseeing the development of the facilities master plan.”

    As Deputy Superintendent this woman did nothing during her FUSD tenure to be paid the future exhorbitant retirement salary which the trustees of this horribly underperforming school district just approved. Shame on them.

    Veva Islas: “Because of you, young Latinas get to see the possibility that can be achieved in our community.”

    No Ms. Islas, young Latinas will understand that with absolutely no accountability and while this horribly underperforming school district, FUSD, marches on to its own ill conceived educational processes AND WHILE absolutely shortchanging FUSD students of a good education, you can STILL work the system to pad your retirement with the approval of the school board trustees. These people are beyond shame.

    I don’t know when or what it will take for parents and teachers to wake up to this sham, but I hope it is very soon.

    2019 Data. Per the Nation’s Report Card website…

    Fresno Unified School District (at or above NAEP Proficient):
    Math – Grade 4, 18 percent / Grade 8, 11 percent / Grade 12, no data
    Reading – Grade 4, 17 percent / Grade 8, 13 percent / Grade 12, no data
    Science – Grade 4, 8 percent / Grade 8, 9 percent / Grade 12, no data


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