The Madera County Sheriff’s Office described the Creek Fire as “burning out of control in the areas of Bass Lake and North Fork” on Tuesday.

In response, the Sheriff’s Office asked surrounding law-enforcement agencies to help with evacuations and security of businesses and residences.

Looting is often a problem during and after wildfire evacuations.

“Several deputies with the Merced County Sheriff’s Office volunteered to help and have been assisting with evacuation orders going door to door in the residential and rural areas,” the Madera County Sheriff’s Office said in a social media post.

Merced police also answered the call for help, saying on social media: “The Merced Police Department will continue to assist the Madera County Sheriff’s Office until our services are no longer needed.”

Sign Up for Real-Time Madera County Alerts

The Madera County Sheriff’s Office also reminded residents to sign up for MC Alerts, which provides real-time emergency updates for specific addresses.


Go to to register.

Merced County deputies assist with evacuations and security during the Creek Fire. (Facebook/Merced County Sheriff’s Office)

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