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The UAE Is a Tool in the Service of the US and Israel



Photo of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed
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The United Arab Emirates is a relatively a young country that is small in both area and political weight. Nevertheless, it has the ability to conspire against Muslims, not only in the Arab world, but also around the world, from Mali to Turkey, the Balkans — where it is allied with anti-Muslim Serbs — and India, as well as China.

What sort of country is the UAE, the group of several small emirates that has not yet completed its fifth decade? Is it driven by self-ambition and expansionism? Or is the UAE being manipulated to serve the interests of others? Where does its force and influence come from which enables it to move north, south, east and west?

It doesn’t actually take much to see that the UAE authorities are not actually in control; that they are being used by others. The UAE, in fact, is a state that has dedicated its resources to serve foreign agendas. As Turkey’s Minister of Defence Kulusi Akar said recently, it is just a pawn that is being exploited remotely by several countries to serve their political and military ambitions. Who are these parties, he asked rhetorically; on whose behalf is the UAE acting?

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