Johnny Avila Jr. — condemned to death in one of Fresno’s most notorious murder cases of the 1990s — died at San Quentin State Prison on Sunday from suspected coronavirus complications.

Johnny Avila Jr., a member of the Parkside Bulldogs gang, was among three men convicted in 1994 of two counts of first-degree murder in the slayings of two young women three years earlier.

Avila, a member of the Parkside Bulldogs gang, was among three men convicted in 1994 of two counts of first-degree murder in the slayings of two young women three years earlier.

Codefendants Richard Avila, who was Johnny Avila’s cousin, and Jeffrey Spradlin received sentences of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Women Raped and Executed, Bodies Dumped

In August 1991, the Parkside Bulldogs loaded up with automatic weapons and explosives in anticipation of a turf war with a rival gang.

They threw a wild party in rural Fresno, where Dorothy Medina “was brutally gang-raped,” according to a state Supreme Court decision upholding Avila’s death sentence. She and Arlene Sanchez were then driven to the bank of a canal and killed, each with two bullets to the head.

Medina and Sanchez were murdered to silence them, according to court records.

Irrigation Worker Discovered Medina’s Body

An irrigation worker discovered Medina’s body on the south bank of the Houghton Canal west of Highway 99.  Ten feet from Medina, between two rows of grapevines, detectives discovered Sanchez’s body.

47 Inmates Have Died in California of Coronavirus

Avila is the latest of 47 inmates to die statewide of suspected virus complications.

There have been 19 overall deaths at San Quentin during the pandemic, tying it with the California Institution for Men in Southern California.

More than 1,800 inmates statewide currently have tested positive for the virus, while officials say more than 5,600 have recovered. San Quentin has more than 500 active cases, more than the next two hardest-hit prisons combined.

Demonstrators at Gov. Newsom’s Home

Demonstrators chained themselves to a fence outside Gov. Gavin Newsom’s home on Monday, calling for mass inmate releases and an end to immigration transfers because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The California Highway Patrol cut the chains linking protesters to the bars of the gate at the residence in suburban Sacramento after about two hours.

Television footage showed 14 demonstrators sitting cross-legged and chained to each other and the front gate, wearing surgical-style masks and plastic face shields to keep from spreading the virus.

(Associated Press contributed to this article.)

5 Responses

  1. MGomez

    A convicted murderer, condemned to death, died from COVID-19, while in prison.

    Sounds like a reason to celebrate.

    • Suzanne

      I agree 100 %!!!!!!! Less time for us and so many taxpayers to pay To keep the asshole alive!!!!!! Win win!!!!! Dumb protesters. Maybe he would have killed them if he was let out!!!!! Insane!

    • Bill Thacker

      Veronica you wouldn’t say that had your family been the victim, he was a cold blooded rapist and murderer. The sad part is we fed, clothed and gave medical care with his free room and board at $40,000 a year …more than what we pay for student per school year in ADA money.
      Who knows what he died of the Covid 19 virus has billing codes that don’t require a test to confirm. American taxpayers had to pay for his burial etc., all billed to public health.

  2. Keeper

    Well to me justice prevails, to all those lives that were and still to this day has to live with the impacts that still very much haunt the very soul. I have trust issues. I’ve have had hard times in every relationship I’ve been in, not wanting anyone to take any more away, and what’s really sad not being able to openly talk about it because you were threatened. I was also gang-raped. I moved away, threw myself into work and that’s how I dealt with it. If it hadn’t been for the COVID 19 he’d probably still be waiting and paying for his ass sitting and waiting for that day to end. And the way this world is, they may have just found a way to release him. It’s called the grey area. No more worries, the SOB is dead


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