The California Department of Public Health is paying extra attention to Fresno County after a spike in coronavirus cases.

Dr. Rais Vohra said Fresno County’s doubling rate of the disease is now two weeks. It was three weeks not long ago.

Fresno County Department of Public Health’s Interim Health Officer Rais Vohra announced the development to reporters during a Monday afternoon Zoom call.

“We’ve actually come to the attention of the state because our positivity rate has gone above 8%. That’s the threshold underneath where we need to stay at,” Vohra said.

Vohra also says Fresno County’s doubling rate of the disease is now two weeks. It was three weeks not long ago.

GV Wire asked Vohra if there’s any fear we may not be able to open more areas of the county on Friday when phase 3 can begin. His response: “It’s a concern.”

California Department of Public Health

Vohra says he believes this is a positive development because he can seek additional coronavirus help from the state.

This could include:

  • More COVID-19 testing
  • More resources such as PPE to at-risk residents and frontline workers
  • Accommodations for those that need to quarantine away from their families

According to the CDPH website, “Fresno County (has variance) is experiencing elevated disease transmission. A driver of this are outbreaks in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and the impact of the Avenal state prison outbreak on staff who live in surrounding counties.”

Other Valley Counties

Several other San Joaquin Valley counties are on the state’s watch list:

Kings County (has variance) is experiencing elevated disease transmission, increasing hospitalizations, and limited hospital capacity. Drivers of this include county experiencing outbreaks at Avenal State prison within their jurisdiction, resulting in secondary infection to staff working within the central and satellite kitchens; outbreak at local Adventist Health (AH) admitting COVID positive patients from Tulare, Reedley, and skilled nursing facility outbreaks. Key actions to address concerns include 1) coordination and communication between local health department, CDPH, and California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to mitigate outbreak at Avenal State Prison; 2) order needed resources through the Standardized Emergency Management System such as oxygen concentrators, health care staff, testing kits, and PPEs; 3) continue to engage with skilled nursing facilities on infection control measures.

Tulare County (has variance) is experiencing elevated disease transmission. Drivers of this include outbreaks in skilled nursing facilities and work places and barriers to preventing transmission within households.  Increased hospitalizations and ICU utilization have been related to multiple conditions other than COVID19.  Key action areas to address concerns include:  1) continue to engage with skilled nursing facilities and businesses and with ongoing collaboration with Licensing and Certification and the HAI program;  2) continue to enhance contact tracing and; 3) continue public messaging through multiple mediums about actions to prevent community transmission.

San Joaquin County (has variance) is experiencing increasing hospitalization and limited hospital capacity. Drivers of this include 1) community transmission due to gatherings, 2) workplace transmission followed by household transmission; 3) skilled nursing facility (SNF) outbreaks; and 4) increase in widespread testing. Action steps to address concerns include: 1) increase public messaging on the importance of personal protection measures and the risks involved with mass gatherings in multiple languages; 2) continuing to provide Infection Preventionists expertise to assist SNFs on infection control practices, ensure baseline testing and proper use of personal protection equipment (PPE).


3 Responses

  1. Michael Martinez

    We are opening up way too soon and too fast. As people become more lax in their day to day lives it’s only going to bode very badly for the Valley. We have not tamed this beast and I’m afraid we are headed for a second outbreak.

  2. Steve Jordan

    Bureaucrat Zohra is fear mongering. How do I know this? Because, if you notice, he/they are NOT discussing what people fear the most; death by the Wuhan Corona-virus. Why not? It will take away their power to control you and I if we all knew the truth. Too many times, after professional politicians and bureaucrats make their proclamations, real practicing physicians are SHUT DOWN and cancelled for telling you and I what this virus is really doing and not doing. So much so, that they have to provide fake death tolls to keep the sheep afraid of the big bad wolf, aka, covid-19. They are running another scam, just like the Russian/Trump collusion scam. We will all die some day, that is guaranteed. The only question is; Will you die on your feet, or on your knees before your all powerful master; the government? Knowledge dissolves fear.


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