Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims is being cheered on social media after she told a local radio host on Tuesday she is not enforcing COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.

Conservative website Breitbart picked up Mims’ comments for an article posted online on Thursday. The story was headlined: “Fresno County Sheriff Won’t Enforce Stay-At-Home Orders; Too Busy Re-Arresting Freed Criminals.”

The article was actively shared by Twitter users. By Thursday afternoon, a search for “Fresno” on the social platform returned dozens of supportive posts linking to the Breitbart story.

National Exposure for Fresno

It was the third time this week that Fresno has received national media attention related to COVID-19 rules.

On Sunday, a group of protesters blocked a police officer and city inspectors from serving a citation to the owner of the Waffle Shop, which reopened in defiance of COVID-19 business restrictions. Then, on Tuesday, Fresno City Council President Miguel Arias scuffled with conservative activists protesting at his home over the city’s coronavirus response policies.

Both incidents received coverage by news outlets across the country.

Sheriff Confirms ‘No Enforcement’ Policy

Mims made her comments Tuesday on the Trevor Carey Show, which is simulcast weekday afternoons on two radio stations in Fresno branded as Power Talk.

Host Trevor Carey asked Mims, ““I’ve heard multiple sheriffs around the nation state they will not enforce their governors’ shelter-in-place orders. Is that your position?”

Mims replied, “That is my position.”

She added, “We do not stop the public to find out what they’re doing when they’re not sheltering in place. We don’t ask those questions, we don’t ask if they’re ‘essential.’ “

Mims Says Focus is Elsewhere

The sheriff said her department is focused on other priorities. “We’ve got our hands full trying to re-arrest people that are released due to zero-dollar bail,” she told Carey.

Mims was referring to a policy implemented April 6 by the state Judicial Council, setting $0 bail for suspects arrested on misdemeanor and non-violent charges. The policy was enacted to limit jail populations and lessen demands on the court system during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sheriff’s Department spokesman Tony Botti said Thursday that 711 suspects in Fresno County have been released on zero-dollar bail since the policy went into effect. There have been 87 re-bookings of previously released suspects since then, he said, resulting in a recidivism rate of 12.5%.

Jail Officer Tests Positive for COVID-19

The department also reported Thursday that a correctional officer at the jail recently tested positive for COVID-19. “(M)easures are being taken to identify, isolate and monitor any inmates who may have come in contact with the officer,” a department news release said.

19 Responses

  1. Beverly Culwell

    Sheriff Mims, I along with thousands of people that live in Fresno, are totally behind, beside you and of course praying for you. Thank you for standing up for the people, who don’t believe in this BS. God Bless you and always keep you in his arms.

    • Mark

      This type of behavior is selfish and it’s helping the spread of the virus that kills people, no matter how little the amount. Disgusting! No respect! I have no respect for this sheriff. No excuses!!

      • The Real America

        Shut up fear monger. You don’t scare us.

      • Martin

        Haha by only reading the title you can tell it’s just a scare tactic headline.

        “Possibly”. Doesn’t belong in a headline. That’s just fear mongering. You can stay home and lose all your possessions while the rest of us get back to work.

    • Paul

      Idiots with power, guns, and twisted views of the law and ethics are quickly spiraling out of control and they should be held accountable including Mims.

  2. FSM

    Sheriff Mims, I along with thousands of people that live in Fresno, are totally behind, beside you and of course praying for you to resign. Thank you for all the deadbrain ideas for the people that haven’t worked at all, and who don’t believe in your BS. Flying Spaghetti Monster Bless you and always keep you in his tentacles.

  3. America

    I agree! Why should she do her job? Just sit back and collect that paycheck girlfriend.

  4. Mark

    Ignorance. I have no respect for this type of attitude. Do your job, no excuses!! No respect from me. You’re helping to spread a virus & don’t care. That virus kills people.

  5. Rodney A Bennett

    First if all I would like to ask a question of our Governor… Did you plan the ruin of California’s economy to further your socialist agenda? To stop/hinder Christian Churches? I heard it was to keep hospitals from becoming overwhelmed… Well Mr. Governor, they are laying off hospital workers due to lack of work. Can we reopen the state now?
    I have lost two thirds of my clients, my business is in serious trouble. What am I going to tell my creditors? See our Governor, he caused this mess, or see China they caused this mess?
    I know the Dumbocrats do not care that businesses are leaving, heck our Governor held the door open for Tesla to leave. I just don’t understand their end purposes…
    If all the taxpayers leave this state, how will all the liberal social and illegal immigrant sanctuary programs get funded? Is nutsy Nancy going to share her ice cream with them?
    California is such a beautiful place, too bad it is being ruined by politicians…

  6. Reed

    Your an idiot! Dont act like it is all kids who are dying, it is mostly the elderly and those who have weakened immune complications. If those people are smart and follow their physicians orders, in most cases they will be ok also! You cannot put people out of work and loosing there homes any longer. We need to learn to live with this virus as it may be a long time until or if we develop a vaccine! Quit using the “kids” card! Let america go back to work- we are smart enough to do what is right to protect areselves.

  7. Daffy Duck

    Scary extremists living in Fresno. Proudly displaying their Confederate flags and disdain for people of color. The same people who wash their cars, now their lawns, pick their fruit, pack their pistachios. It’s embarrassing.

  8. Robert Avila

    I’m sure there are people standing in line for that position. Who is she to decide what laws to enforce. It’s a slippery slope…next it will be she won’t arrest murderers. Oh wait, that’s what’s happening now!

  9. Brian Allen

    Just another wanna be Sheriff trying to be a politician. My question is these “re-arrest”? So what kind of arrest are these? What’s the re-arrest % of people when there was bail? How many of these people would have been released anyway for over crowding or releasing because of the virus? She’s just trying to keep her name in the news so she can look relevant.

  10. dan

    Too busy re arresting criminals. Which means if she had the time she would put you in your home and lock the door.

    Just because the sheriff does not have time doesn’t mean Fresno city police don’t either. People in power are all too eager to put you in your place. No economy, no taxes so how will they continue to lock it all down?

    Let people do what they have been doing for thousands of years….. roam freely. We had epidemics before and we are still here. Don’t shut down the country just because one grandma died.

  11. Drake Frost

    I fully support Sheriff Mims. She is the best sheriff of this district for the last 10 years and I do not want to offend anyone. She really does her job. After all, evil does not sleep, and who will protect us except the police? Criminals care about the virus and the law. The day before yesterday my neighbor got stolen wheels from a car. Right in his yard. And what do you want to tell us? I am aware of the whole situation that is happening in our country. But Mimes is absolutely right. I sincerely wish her good luck!


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