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'Morons That Run Our City' Fresno Restaurant Flyer Sparks Attention



Photo combination of Full-O-Bull signs
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Full O Bull Subs & Pizza near Nees Avenue and First Street has posted flyers recently that indicate a growing frustration over Fresno’s shelter-in-place orders.
The first flyer focused on the media and the next one took clear aim at City Hall.
On the Fresno Covid-19 Resources Facebook page, some accounts are siding with the business. Others say they’ll take their business elsewhere.
(The original Full O Bull shop in Old Town Clovis is under separate ownership and strongly criticized the flyer posted at the Fresno store.)

Flyer No. 1

The first flyer stated: “As required we are posting this sign to remind you that due to the COVID-19 media driven panic (you are) require(d) to stay 6 feet away from each other.”
(The statement has been edited for clarification.)

(Facebook/Kyle Bishop Roush)

The person who originally posted this picture on Facebook, Kyle Bishop Roush wrote, “It’s so close to where I live that I’d stop in there and get sandwiches or a take and bake every once in awhile, but that’s over with now.”
Another person in that same post came to the defense of the restaurant saying, “They’re being honest.”

Flyer No. 2

The second flyer generated quite a bit of attention online.
“As required by the morons that run our city we are posting this sign to remind you that due to the media driven panic of COVID-19 you are required to stay 6 feet away from each other. Please stay on the red x or don’t, we don’t care but you have been warned about the Kung-Flu!”.

(Facebook/Kyle Bishop Roush)

GV Wire called “Full O Bull Subs and Pizza.” The person who answered the phone immediately hung up after the reporter started to ask about the flyers.
Dong Ngyuen commented on Facebook, “Thanks for the post, it’s being shared in the Asian community right now.”
Angel Tapia wrote, “This is a kick in the face to all us healthcare worker scared knowing how serious it is… I’ll spread the word to my co-workers.”
Gail Swanson added, “Please note that this is the Fresno (1st and Nees) Location.” There is a Clovis location that is not affiliated with the Fresno location.
Soon after, the Clovis store posted a scathing rebuke on their Facebook page criticizing the Fresno shop’s action.