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Fareed Zakaria: US Has Met Crisis With Incompetence



Photo of a physician holding a vial of blood marked coronavirus
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“The United States is on track to have the worst outbreak of coronavirus among wealthy countries, largely because of the ineffectiveness of its government,” Fareed Zakaria writes in his latest Washington Post column. “This is the new face of American exceptionalism.”
The US faces shortages of ventilators and protective equipment, and it seems to have no coherent strategy for dealing with it, he writes; meanwhile, per-capita testing has lagged woefully behind the rates in other advanced countries (South Korea, for instance, had tested five times as many of its citizens, on a per-capita basis, as of Wednesday).
“The United States is paying the price today for decades of defunding government, politicizing independent agencies, fetishizing local control, and demeaning and disparaging government workers and bureaucrats,” says Zakaria.
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