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Over 50,000 People Have Recovered From Coronavirus Around the World, According to Johns Hopkins



Photo of passengers wearing masks to prevent the outbreak of a virus in Hong Kong
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As cases of the new coronavirus continue to climb, so have instances of recovery, and a tracker maintained by Johns Hopkins University reported that more than 50,000 people have recovered.
More than 94,000 people have become infected with the coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, since it was first identified in December. With the increased spread, case counts and deaths, public concern has driven people to hoard supplies. But health officials maintain that the threat of contracting the virus and the chances of coming down with the disease remain low for the average person.
As of Wednesday morning, the Johns Hopkins tracker showed 94,225 cases of the virus in 73 countries. Of those cases, 51,026 people recovered from the virus, including 49,856 in mainland China.
Outside of China, where the virus originated and has taken the biggest toll, large outbreaks have been seen in Italy and Iran. The outbreaks prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to send experts into the infected areas, and on Saturday, Vice President Mike Pence announced that, in light of the outbreaks, the U.S. was barring foreign nationals from entering America if they have visited Iran within 14 days.
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