Former Fresno County DA Elizabeth Egan holds a solid lead in the race for Superior Court judge over county prosecutor Douglas Treisman. With the first night of vote reporting completed, Egan continues to hold a 63% to 37% advantage in the contest, a lead that remained consistent throughout the evening.  The next election results update is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

Fresno County prosecutor Gabriel Brickey ran unopposed for a second open seat on the bench.

[Updated 3/03/2020, 11:30 p.m.]

The latest returns show no change in the Superior Court judicial race between former Fresno County DA Elizabeth Egan and Fresno County prosecutor Douglas Treisman. As of results reported at 9:19 p.m., Egan has received 52,804 of votes counted to Treisman’s 31,237. The percentages remain unchanged with Egan receiving 63% of the vote to Treisman’s 37%.

[Updated 3/03/2020, 9:51 p.m.]

Two new judges will join the Fresno County bench.

After the first release of results at 8:02 p.m., former Fresno County District Attorney Elizabeth Egan leads in her race for an open judicial seat, 63%-37%, over Fresno County prosecutor Douglas Treisman.

Gabriel Brickey, a Fresno County prosecutor, will win in an uncontested race.

Both races have 19% of the votes tallied thus far.

Both judges-elect will take their seats next January.

Replacing Two Retiring Judges

The seats became available when two sitting judges opted not to run for reelection.

Egan or Treisman will take over for Judge Alan Simpson. Brickey won the seat occupied by Donald Penner.

For 12 years, Egan served as Treisman’s boss. Egan served three terms as Fresno County District Attorney, before losing to current DA Lisa Smittcamp in 2014. Treisman has worked as a prosecutor in the office for nearly 30 years.

The race also split Fresno County’s top two law enforcement officials. Sheriff Margaret Mims supported Egan; Smittcamp endorsed her employee Treisman.

Treisman unsuccessfully ran for judge in 2008.

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