Trustee Carol Mills

The election is more than eight months away, but Fresno Unified trustee Carol Mills isn’t wasting any time.

On Monday Mills, who represents Area 5 (Fresno High region) on the board, announced she is seeking re-election. She won her first election to the school board in November 2004.

She says she has already has lined up endorsements from the Fresno Teacher’s Association, the Fresno Police Officer’s Association, the National Association of Letter Carriers (Branch 231), the National Women’s Political Caucus, and the Mexican American Ladies Society (MALAS) PAC.

“I am thrilled to have earned these significant early endorsements, and plan to earn many more,” said Mills, who is an attorney.

Sole Candidate in Last Election

She faced no challengers in the 2016 election and wouldn’t mind a repeat — “any candidate would hope for that!”

But Mills told GV Wire on Monday she’s planning to campaign hard, whether or not she has challengers.

“I am already walking precincts, phone banking, raising funds, seeking endorsements, and working hard on re-election,” she said. “So, if anyone should file, I am confident of winning the election.”

Mills’ campaign website is


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  1. Joe Barron

    Who is the actual hell thinks this is a good thing? She’s a toxic creature that needs to far away. When the district and she were confronted with the problems of how students with disabilities were not being adequately serviced at her IB schools, she dismissed such notions as being, “factually inaccurate. ” Guess what miss rbf, IB called that out in 2016, WASC called that out in 2018 [I have an IB self-study & a WASC visitation report that say that] . What’s she got? The duplicitous nature of a politician.


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