Devin Nunes will join Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg at the Super Bowl. At least on the tube.

The Republican congressman from Tulare County won’t necessarily be in Miami Gardens on Sunday. But, he will be on TV.

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Politics 101

Like the presidential candidates, Nunes bought a 30-second ad that will air sometime during the game. The spot will air locally on KMPH Fox 26.

The local ad breaks usually occur right after the first quarter, halftime, and the third quarter.

The price a for 30-second local spot? $30,000. The national rate is $5.6 million.

“It’s advertising!” said Tal Cloud, who is Nunes’ political consultant and purchased the ad time.

Nunes will also air five other spots during the pregame show. Those range from $300 to $3,500 each.

The nine-term congressman is flush with cash. His latest FEC filings showed him raising $2.1 million for the fourth quarter of 2019, and $7.9 million for the year. He has $7.1 million cash on hand.

Data comes from FCC and FEC filing records.

Arballo on TV, Too

Phil Arballo is on TV in his quest to knock Nunes from his CA-22 seat.

The Democrat began airing spots on a number of local stations, featuring his wife and son.

As part of his $16,000 buy on KMPH Fox 26, he will air two ads during the Super Bowl pregame show (at $1,200 each). Arballo is also spending $12,000 each on KSEE-24 and CBS 47.

The other candidates in the race — Democrats Bobby Bliatout and Dary Rezvany — as well as Eric Garcia (no party preference) — have not purchased air time.

Other Political Ad Notes

Jerry Dyer continues to be the only Fresno mayoral candidate on the airwaves. He’ll appear on radio stations KMJ (105.9 FM/580 AM) and Power Talk 96.7 as well as on TV on the four network affiliates: ABC 30, KSEE-24 (NBC), CBS 47, and KMPH Fox 26.

No other mayoral candidate has purchased airtime.

Kevin Cookingham is on the board in his bid for the 16th District congressional seat, currently served by Rep. Jim Costa (D-Fresno). Cookingham, a Republican, bought about $4,000 in ads on ABC 30 that aired last November.

Elizabeth Egan paid $3,270 for 42 spots on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News in her Fresno County judicial race. She will also be on the radio with $1,800 worth of ads on Power Talk 96.7.

While Bernie Sanders announced a major ad buy in California, the presidential candidate has not spent his money in the Fresno market.

Council Adopts Marijuana Business Regulations

The Fresno City Council adopted its marijuana business license plan with a 4-2 vote on Thursday. The plan allows for 14 retail shops now, with the ability to add seven more. There will also be several social accountability considerations for owners and employees.

But don’t expect applications to be ready any time soon. An environmental review process remains in effect and could take many more months to complete.

Miguel Arias, Luis Chavez, Nelson Esparza, and Esmeralda Soria voted in favor of the plan; Garry Bredefeld and Mike Karbassi opposed it. Paul Caprioglio was absent because of illness.

After Debate, Council Adopts Some Rules, Drop Others

After a nearly 45-minute debate about debating, the Fresno City Council adopted new procedural rules, while dropping others.

Although the deadline to submit items for the agenda remains the prior Thursday before a council meeting, presentation materials may still be turned in after that time. A proposal by Miguel Arias would have required approval from the council president or a supermajority of the council for late submissions. The council voted that change down.

A rule requiring a disclaimer for “graphic or potentially offensive images, video, or discussion” was approved 6-0.

The most contentious discussion revolved around a proposal on how to set debate parameters. The proposed changes were deemed too limiting and too confusing and were unanimously rejected.


One Response

  1. Tracy

    Miguel Arias gets his way with hammering down Fresno and destroying any sort of unity of the city council. He is more intent on negative things to spend time and money on than positive pro American agenda items. The pot retailing, illegals, paying for housing of street people committing horrible crimes against Fresno people and businesses. Not to mention Arias shut down on others who share another view point, his treatment of people at Fresno City Hall and FUSD is well noted in Fresno. Even threatening people in the chambers to be ejected as if he humorously has some sort of power.
    Lets see where all these storms fall that follow Arias and if he can actually do something positive for the people of Fresno and more importantly for his district that has a need for economic support by way of jobs, vocational training and some faith and trust in a councilman that will actually return phone calls.
    As far as debating goes, Arias doesn’t know how to debate he laughable tries to intimidate or threaten and that is going to get him absolutely no where in Fresno with the people he needs as support.
    Amazing through all the attacks Nunes has endured from hard line progressives that he actually raised MORE money and has even more support. People are fed up with attacks from the progressives including the democrats who are also the brunt of their attacks, hate and targeting. Frankly I care less who bought what ad or how much they pay. I am looking at historical records and their voting history on issues facing average Americans.
    The mayor race will be interesting, it’s a real turn off to see last minute defaming, and lawsuits . Seems desperate to have to resort to these tactics., vandalizing billboards, stealing signs, crazy 30 year old photos surfacing , etc., I am glad Dyer doesn’t participate in childish games …doesn’t say much for the people who follow Janz or his character manipulating hatred. Stop deflection lets talk specifics about what your plans are.


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