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Koala-Sniffing Detection Dog the Latest Weapon in Saving Wildlife After Devastating Bushfires



Photo of Ryan Tate and English springer spaniel, Taylor
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A conservation detection dog is one of the important tools being used in the search for injured koalas from bushfires on the New South Wales Mid North Coast.
Taylor is a four-year-old English springer spaniel, that has been in training since eight weeks of age.
“Every time she smelt koala poo or koala fur, she’d get her favourite reward which, as a puppy, was a tennis ball and treats,” trainer Ryan Tate said.
“What we essentially train the dog to do is enjoy that love for sniffing the environment but to discriminate a particular smell so every day out in the field for her is the best day of her life.”
At four, Taylor is becoming an old hand.
Photo of Taylor, a spring spaniel

Taylor is trained to prioritise the scent of the live animal and sit as close to it as she can. (TATE Animal Training Enterprises)

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