An independent expenditure committee formed to defeat Jerry Dyer in his bid for Fresno mayor has launched its first digital ad.

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The video links Dyer to President Donald Trump and questions his command of the Fresno Police Department.

The former Fresno police chief calls the ad “nothing but a cheap political ploy cooked up by pollsters for radicals and extremists to sell.”

Arambulas Give Big to Anti-Dyer Effort

The video was produced on behalf of the Rising Together, No on Dyer for Mayor 2020 committee. According to the group’s website, more ads are in the works.

The committee received nearly $100,000 in donations two weeks ago from prominent Fresno residents Juan and Amy Arambula, the parents of Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula.

Independent expenditure committees are forbidden by law from coordinating with candidates.

Video Links Dyer to Trump

There are various versions of the video — one with a male narrator, one with a female voice and one in Spanish. All tie Dyer to Trump.

“Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer has a close friend in Washington. Can you guess who it is?” the narrator says. “They both detain immigrants. They share the same campaign donors. And, they both defend police misconduct. No matter what.”

The ad depicts an image of disgraced deputy chief Keith Foster, and video of high-profile allegations of Fresno police misconduct, including the 2017 shooting death of Isiah Murrietta-Golding.

The video also features Trump, during his May 2016 Fresno campaign stop, name-dropping Dyer.

A “Vote No on Dyer” message appears at the conclusion, with a notice that no candidate authorized the ad.

“Birds of a feather tend to stick together,” Juan Arambula said of the Dyer-Trump comparison.

“Both of them found Christianity rather late in life after having led a lusty younger life. Both of them share similar views on law and order, and apparently believe that law enforcement was better in the good old days, with one exception: when it applies of themselves,” Arambula said.

Arambulas Send Emails Calling Attention to Ad, Website

The release coincides with a new website and social media posts for the anti-Dyer group.

“As many of you may have heard, I am part of a small group of dedicated activists and community members working to make sure Jerry Dyer DOES NOT become our Mayor,” stated an email from the Arambulas to supporters.

Juan Arambula, a former assemblyman known for his congenial nature, told GV Wire previously that part of the motivation against Dyer involves his son Joaquin, a Fresno Democrat.

After Joaquin Arambula’s arrest on suspicion of child abuse last year, Dyer went on TV to say that the injury to the child was not on the buttocks, but elsewhere.

A jury found Arambula not guilty of willful cruelty to a child last May.

Dyer on Ad: Cheap Political Ploy

Dyer dismissed the ad, saying “the people of Fresno won’t buy it.”

“After serving for the last 40 years as a police officer and the last 18 years as Police Chief, the people of Fresno know who I am,” Dyer told GV Wire via email. “I have worked with Democrats, Republicans and independents to advance our city and keep it safe.  This ad is nothing but a cheap political ploy cooked up by pollsters for radicals and extremists to sell.  This is the same political playbook they use against anyone who doesn’t promote their divisive agenda. The people of Fresno won’t buy it.”

Juan Arambula countered that the ad accurately reflected Dyer.

“I don’t view it as negative. I’m sorry that Jerry does. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen,” Arambula said.

The Dyer campaign is airing radio ads, as well as campaigning via billboards.

Though it is expected that an IE promoting Dyer’s candidacy will be formed, no other groups have filed paperwork.

The other main candidate in the race, Fresno County prosecutor Andrew Janz, did not reply to GV Wire’s request for comment.

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3 Responses

  1. Joe Barron

    The Chief was practically salivating at his press event over the arrest of Dr. Arambula. Then somehow, the DA’s #2 prosecutor is tasked with the prosecution, Smittcamp’s response was, “I’m not political.” Then she doors this video about how the chief is, “Godly?” How many child abuse cases did the chief pursue with such zeal? Let’s look at how Jerry’s kids sometimes shoot first & ask questions later, yet allows an adult thug to terrorize kids on public school campuses and doesn’t say a word.

    • Linda

      YES ON JERRY DYER ❤️❤️
      GOVERNOR . “GAVIN NEWSOME“ is a real piece of work & “California“ is going down so fast Wake up my friends
      Our Great America is also heading down the same path & that’s so sad
      “Gavin Newsome“ & his “Auntie Nancy Pelosi” are so Pathetic Please wake up
      Very sorry if I make some people mad!!
      BUT, we do still have Freedom Of Speech
      You better enjoy it while you still can‼️
      Thank You & May God Bless America

  2. Mary Lopez

    The Arambulas seem so angry….as though they are victims. What a surprise.

    Maybe its time for Joaquin to take out more digital advertisements, announcing how dedicated and altruistic he is in his dual roles as a politician and a doctor.

    Juan, it appears as though you are the one that is feeling the heat and should clean up the kitchen.


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