Analyses by Professors Richard Falk and Virginia Tilley confirm that Israel is perpetrating ‘apartheid,’ a system of racism and discrimination that under international law constitutes a ‘crime against humanity.’ The authors conclude that Israel’s practice of racial-ethnic domination is the fundamental obstacle to peace.

They state that rather than focus on the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and an illusory “two-state solution,” those seeking a longterm solution must focus on ending Israel’s apartheid system.

Two expert analysts report that Israel is practicing apartheid both within Israel itself and in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Under international law this constitutes a crime against humanity. Pursuing a “two state solution” is fruitless, they conclude, stating that those wishing to secure peace must address Israel’s systemized racism and discrimination: “A preliminary requirement for any genuine peace process is for Israel to make a credible commitment to end apartheid.”

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